CGIAR-CSI Community Meeting 2020 has ended
CGIAR Geospatial Data CoP // 2020 Community Meeting // 2-4 March 2020

Tuesday, March 3 • 3:30pm - 5:00pm
Session 8: ITC Research Presentations

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Ms Sugandh Chauhan, PhD candidate, Natural Resources Department, ITC
Title: Lodging severity assessment using multi-temporal Sentinel-2 data
Crop lodging – the bending of crop stems from the vertical - is a major yield-reducing factor in cereal crops (wheat, maize, rice, barley, oats etc.), with reported losses of up to 80%. The severity of lodging is measured by a lodging score (LS) – an index calculated from the crop angle of inclination (CAI) and crop lodged area percentage. LS is difficult and time consuming to measure manually meaning that information on lodging occurrence and severity is limited and sparse. Remote sensing-based estimates of LS would provide more timely, synoptic and reliable information on crop lodging across vast areas which would improve estimates of crop yield losses, inform insurance loss adjusters and influence management decisions for subsequent seasons. In this context, this study aims to analyze the time-series spectral reflectance of Sentinel-2 data for healthy and lodged wheat plots with different degrees of lodging severity and detect lodging incidence. We conducted the study over 600 ha of wheat fields in the Bonifiche Ferraresi farm, located in Jolanda di Savoia, Ferrara, Italy. We collected 120 samples of crop biophysical parameters (e.g. CAI, crop height) and relevant meteorological data (wind speed and rainfall). The temporal profiles of reflectance, together with continuum removed spectra, were studied for healthy and lodged plots throughout the growth stages. Kruskal Wallis and post hoc Tukey tests were used for further analysis and to test for significant differences among different classes. Our results showed that i) the overall magnitude of reflectance increased with the increase in lodging severity, (ii) red-edge and NIR bands were particularly sensitive in distinguishing healthy from lodged wheat, iii) a blue shift was visible in the red-edge region due to lodging, iv) the change in reflectance caused due to varietal differences or phenological stage was less than that caused due to lodging, and v) with the temporal analysis of Sentinel-2 data, it was possible to detect incidence of the main lodging event. The obtained information is likely to be useful in the context of operational crop lodging severity assessment and food security.

Dr Markus Meyer, Assistant Professor, Natural Resources Department, ITC
Title: Moving beyond farmers – research needs to assess the resilience of food systems
Current changes in food systems in low- and middle-income countries are not only associated with increasing demand for food driven by population growth. Shifts in diets with different production and processing structures likely have a more considerable impact in future: higher land requirements (e.g., more animal-based proteins) or changing production regions and structures (e.g., higher share of (imported) processed food). Whether the expected transition in low- and middle-income countries that is considerably larger than in high income countries is resilient, is questionable.
This contribution aims at highlighting research gaps and at opening potential pathways on how resilience in food systems and associated social and environmental systems could be assessed.
Dr Michael Marshall, Assistant Professor, Natural Resources Department, ITC 
Title: “Advancing our understanding of how agroecosystems impact the Earth system”

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Rolf de By

associate professor, ITC/University of Twente
satellite-image based crop profiles & global public goods
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Andy Nelson

Prof., ITC/University of Twente

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Sugandh Chauhan

PhD Candidate, ITC/University of Twente

Markus Meyer

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Michael Marshall

Assistant Professor, ITC/University of Twente

Tuesday March 3, 2020 3:30pm - 5:00pm
Van der Valk Hotel Schiphol A4 3, 2132 MA Hoofddorp, Netherlands